Friday, February 6, 2015


Guess its been a while.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner Myspace Screengrabs

Before the mobile myspace page was taken down (hours after the normal myspace page went down), I was able to grab a number of screencaptures. Some that I didn't have a chance to save mentioned something about an incident at Pima College and his rambling posts mentioned the "Pigs" not standing up for his free speech rights. These were some time around October or November if I'm remembering correctly.

He then begins to post that the CIA and Pigs are monitoring us on myspace. After Nov 18th the posts begin to get more and more strange, mentioning he'll kill pigs, he'll be on national tv and then all the stuff about Grammar and infinite currency. His final posts are all caps rants. Nothing in any of the posts I was able to read mentioned Giffords or politics or war. Most talked about "PIGS" and grammar and needing a girlfriend and nobody paying attention to him.

Jared Loughner myspace screencaps

"Nope! I'll see you when I'm dead: I'm in amazement of no communication with me!" Dec 22
"I'll log on with no more messages for the rest of my life." Dec 20

Jared Loughner myspace 3

Jared Loughner myspace page

"I'll kill a police officer" and "I'll see you on national tv"....

Jared Loughner Last Myspace Posts

"Well, the fucking pigs are public proerty for housing, and no jobs for me. Die you fucking pig! I know your brainwashed to love them fuckin cops-fuck you." Dec 30

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Judge Michael Morgan Admits Guilt

In the city of Federal Way incumbent judge Michael Morgan has been accused of using his work computer to create a fake internet identity of one of his employees to make comments on newspaper articles and blog posts by his opponents in the 2009 primary. The case is being investigated by the Public Disclosure Commission.

In early October Michael Morgan stipulated to the charges according to a PDC press release:

From the Public Disclosure Commission:

TO: Commissioners

FROM: Philip E. Stutzman, Director of Compliance

DATE: October 15, 2009

SUBJECT: Michael Morgan, Case No. 10-017

Along with this memo, you are being provided documents related to the subject case. These documents include the staff Report of Investigation with Exhibits, the Notice of Administrative Charges and a signed Stipulation as to Facts, Violation and Penalty agreed to between staff and the Respondent, Michael Morgan and being presented at the October 22, 2009 meeting for the Commission’s consideration. I am also providing you with a spreadsheet of prior Commission orders concerning violations of RCW 42.17.130.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends that the Commission accept the Stipulation in lieu of an enforcement hearing as a fair resolution of this matter. The Respondent has admitted to multiple violations of RCW 42.17.130 for using a city-owned computer to assist his 2009 campaign for City of Federal Way Municipal Court Judge. He has also agreed to the maximum penalty available to the Commission.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Linda Dalton will present the Stipulation to the Commission and will be available at the Commission meeting to answer questions. Michael Morgan, or his representative, will also be in attendance at the Commission meeting to briefly comment and answer questions.

The PDF of the stipulation have now been removed from the PDC website and the issue has been removed from the agenda of the PDC's October 22nd meeting. It seems that Morgan has withdrawn his stipulation. As a judge Morgan was well aware that signing his name to the stipulation was an admission of guilt. If he has withdrawn his stipulation, which he is well within his rights to do, the question is why. Was it because he wanted to keep the issue from the voters? Or did he really not know what he was signing?

As a matter of law withdrawing a guilty plea may perfectly acceptable and may not prejudice a judge or jury. But in the court of public opinion if you plead guilty, you're guilty. And despite any legal wrangling to the contrary, Judge Michael Morgan did stipulate to the charges against him.

Guilty is guilty, and Michael Morgan has admitted his guilt.