Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cyber Sherpa

It's time for a new, anonymous, blog. Why? Because as this article points out, we're all a little Brad Pitt. I would rather my bosses, both current and future, knew as little about me as possible and when my current boss first came on board a year ago he mentioned that he had read some of my "website" stuff. So his first impressions of me came not from my work but from my blog posts.

My blog posts, as you will come to find out here, are always civil, usually thoughtful, and never crass. But that old expression about politics and religion hold true, and I leave those discussions at home....and anonymously on the web.

Cowardly? Maybe. But famous authors have often written using pseudonyms, especially when writing things of a political nature. And I kind of like my day job so I'd rather not lose it for some innocuous remark on a blog.

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